Home Brewing

"?Home Brewing made Easy?"

Needless to say, I had to learn this ancient craft. I do mostly testing now...

So I quoted this bunch of information.

If you have a little time and money, home brewing is a great hobby. You can get a good starter kit at many websites from $75.00 to $200.00. Any order over an certain amount gets free shipping usually. I’d stay away from the glass carboys, as they are harder to work with, and they will break.

Basically what you’re going to do is boil some form of sugar (malt extract, powder extract, honey, or any of several other forms of dextrose in any combination) with some hops (pellets, or whole) and possibly some crystal malt (for body and color), and possibly an adjunct (orange peel, coriander, or one of many concentrated flavorings that are available) for about an hour.

After that you will add this thick sugary concoction to your 6 gallon bucket (fermenter) with enough water to bring it up to 5 gallons, then add (pitch) the yeast. The yeast will love this sugary environment, and consume the sugar, and expel alcohol. Leave everything alone in the bucket for about a week in a warm dark place, until it stops bubbling (its alive).

After it stops bubbling, you are ready to bottle or keg. If you are going to bottle, you will add a small amount of corn sugar to wake the yeast up just enough to carbonate the bottles. Now this is the hard part, you have to leave it alone for from two weeks, to several months. It gets appreciably better with age, but I tend to have it all drank up within a month.

Happy brewing!

Here is an example of an instuctional video you can find on U tube. Home brewing the easy way part 1 This guy is on U tube so I dont think he will mind if I use him as an example.

We are getting together a bunch of the information that helped out!

Videos and other tutorial type information. It will be posted in an easy way to understand.

Thank you for your time.